Japanese Resources



There are currently two Japanese books available directly related to Effective Altruism, "Doing Good Better" by Will MacAskill and "The Most Good You Can Do" by Peter Singer.

Check the Amazon links below for more information:
"Doing Good Better" - Will MacAskill
"The Most Good You Can Do" - Peter Singer


There is only one video regarding Effective Altruism with Japanese subtitles (above). We would love volunteers to help us get some of these videos translated with Japanese subtitles!

Other videos can be found with English subtitles.

Other videos:
"What are the most important moral problems of our time?" - Will MacAskill
"Effective Altruism" - Beth Barnes


Facebook Group

There is a group on Facebook representing the Effective Altruism Japan Chapter. Feel free to join!

This group is used to provide links to EA-related articles and notify about EA Japan events and updates.

効果的利他主義 (Effective Altruism Japan) on Facebook


Japanese Articles

There have been a articles about Effective Altruism released in Japanese by Forbes, Doda and some Japanese bloggers. However, coverage of Effective Altruism in Japan is currently extremely limited.

If you represent a Japanese-language media company and wish to cover Effective Altruism, please reach out via our contact form.