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You have 80,000 hours in your career.

Make the right career choices, and you can help solve the world’s most pressing problems, as well as have a more rewarding, interesting life.

80,000 Hours exists to give you the information you need to find that fulfilling, high-impact career. The advice offered is all free, tailored for talented graduates & young professionals, and based on five years of research alongside academics at Oxford.

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Don’t just give. Make your dollar go further.

High impact giving opportunities that are supported by in-depth charity research.

GiveWell is a nonprofit dedicated to finding outstanding giving opportunities through in-depth analysis. Thousands of hours of research have gone into finding their top-rated charities. They’re evidence-backed, thoroughly vetted, and underfunded.

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How can we accomplish as much good as possible?

The Open Philanthropy Project’s mission is to give as effectively as we can and share our findings openly so that anyone can build on our work. Through research and grantmaking, the Open Philanthropy Project hopes to learn how to make philanthropy go especially far in terms of improving lives.

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Let’s work together to create a happier world.

The Happier Lives Institute (HLI) connects donors, researchers, and policymakers with the most cost-effective opportunities to increase global wellbeing.

Using the latest subjective wellbeing data, HLI identifies the problems that matter most to people and find evidence-based ways to solve them.

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